A hotel that realizes "bringing satisfaction back to everyday life" 365 days a year.

A experiential hotel that offers the excitement and atmosphere of soccer in a welcoming and open space of the stadium. Guests can enjoy the unique scenery of Nagasaki, with its beautiful mountain ranges. It provides a special experience where you can encounter the new and thrilling aspects of Nagasaki.


Japan's first stadium view hotel

Two types of rooms are available: Stadium View Rooms, Which offer a taste of soccer games and the green of the pitch, and City View Rooms, which offer a view of Nagasaki's beautiful mountain and city.

ホテル VIPルーム

Both watching the game and staying at the hotel! Variable VIP rooms

Some of the stadium view rooms have a convertible design. In order to make guests feel closer to the action on the pitch, the windows are designed to open as wide as possible, allowing guests to fully enjoy the intense matches taking place.

ホテル スタジアム景観

"Event-Linked Hotel."

At Stadium City, various events such as soccer matches, basketball games, and concerts are held. To enhance the experience of guests, the hotel facilities also offer various activities that are tailored to these events.


What you experience is what you could purchase

As part of the concept of "bringing satisfaction back to everyday life," guests can purchase TVs, air purifiers and other home appliances, bed mattresses and other bedding, as well as bathroom and toilet remodeling after experiencing the actual hotel.

ホテル プール pools
ホテル サウナ saunas

Pools and saunas to enjoy while feeling the heat of the stadium.

A swimming pool where you can enjoy the view of the stadium while bathed in the light, and a sauna where you can experience a new sense of relaxation.

ホテル レストラン

Restaurant line up with a "Nothing but Gourmet food." theme

We have restaurants where you can savor the flavors of local Nagasaki ingredients, a live restaurant that offers stunning views of Nagasaki’s night skyline, a club lounge, and a bar. These options allow guests to enjoy various cuisines depending on their preferences.

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