サウス 外観
ノース 外観

Office building offering a new way of working style

We are planning to attract domestic and international companies to our office building, which is the largest in Nagasaki Prefecture. The units with balconies provide a refreshing work environment where individuals can feel the breeze and enjoy an open atmosphere. The top floor offers a panoramic view of the stadium where we have a dedicated lounge exclusively for tenants, providing a space for inter-company networking and collaboration.

ノース シェアオフィス内装

One of the largest rental offices in Nagasaki

Mega floor with over over 2000㎡ space.
The pillar-less space allows for efficient layouts, and two forms of office space, rental office and shared office, are available to meet a variety of needs.

ノース 貸会議室

Realization of enhanced hospitality environment and cost reduction

A reception room with a view of the stadium, VIP rooms for business meetings and dinners, and other environments for welcoming guests. Leased floor space has been reduced by utilizing the extensive common areas, such as rental conference rooms and a shared lounge.