The only view you'll ever get

Enjoy the special experience of staying at the stadium.We offer you
a one-of-a-kind experience in a variety of locations, including guest
rooms, swimming pools, and saunas.We will provide you with a
one-of-a-kind experience to watch the games.In addition, you can
enjoy the beautiful city and night views of Nagasaki from the hotel.

A one-of-a-kind spectator experience

  • From the guest room

    First of its kind in Japan! You can overlook the soccer stadium from
    your hotel room!From watching soccer games to concerts and
    laser shows,Enjoy the new stadium that changes its expression
    according to the event!

  • From the pool and spa area

    The pool, which is exclusively for guests, is playfully designed to
    overlook the stadium.Featuring large windows that let in brilliant
    natural light,Enjoy the fun and open feeling of the pool.

Spectacular view from the hotel

  • From Live Restaurant

    Nagasaki's cityscape has been selected as one of the “world's top
    three nightscapes." The space where artists perform with the night
    view in the background is extraordinary.Enjoy the night view,
    music, and delicious food.
    Please enjoy the most exquisite moment.

  • From THE BAR

    Located on the top floor of the hotel, Loop Top Bar offers carefully selected drinks and a view of Nagasaki.The lights adorning the slopes of Nagasaki offer a refreshing sight at night, both mysterious and vibrantly captivating. Enjoy a luxurious evening while feeling the pleasant Nagasaki breeze.

  • From the Terrace

    The terrace, surrounded by green grass, is built with a sense of
    openness, as if at one with nature.If you take a picture with the
    beautiful scenery of Nagasaki Port and Mt.Inasayama in the background!
    The Panorama View Terrace is the only place where
    you can enjoy a sense of openness surrounded by nature.Please
    experience the sense of openness surrounded by nature that you
    can only experience at Panorama View Terrace.